What are Gold Points?

Gold Points are a customer appreciation bonus that can be used for discounts on future purchases.

How are they awarded?
Once someone has registered at any one of the websites listed below they can begin to accumulate Gold Points. Gold points are then awarded whenever a purchase is made from a one of the following websites:

  • BeaverTools.com
  • Festools-online.com
  • Mirka-online.com
  • Pocket-hole-jig.com
  • BISjettools.com
  • BISpowermatic.com
  • Imperialblades.net
  • Feintools-online.com
  • BIS-amanatool.com
  • BIStritontools.com
  • BISsafetysaw.com
  • BISlagunatools.com
  • BISwilton.com
  • Sawtrax-online.com
  • BISsupermaxtools.com
  • BISstabila.com
  • BISlackmond.com

  • BISedwardsironworkers.com

What is their value?

One Gold Point is awarded for every penny spent.

For every dollar you spend you will earn 100 points.

10,000 earned points = $1 to spend
100,000 earned points = $10 to spend
1,000,000 earned points = $100 to spend



If someone purchases $850.00 worth merchandise at festools-online.com, they would be awarded 85,000 Gold Points. They could then go to mirka-online.com, order $25 worth of sandpaper and apply the 85,000, or any portion of the 85,000 points to receive up to $8.50 off of their order.


If you shop at BIS during any one of our 2X or 3X Points Events, you will earn 2X or 3X more Gold Points from your purchase(s) than you normally would! 

2X Points Event
2 Gold Points are awarded for every penny spent!
For every dollar you spend you will earn 200 points! 

  • 20,000 earned points = $2 to spend
  • 200,000 earned points = $20 to spend
  • 2,000,000 earned points = $200 to spend
3X Points Event
3 Gold Points are awarded for every penny spent!
For every dollar you spend you will earn 300 points!

  • 30,000 earned points = $3 to spend
  • 300,000 earned points = $30 to spend
  • 3,000,000 earned points = $300 to spend

How do I redeem them?

At checkout the customer is offered the option of redeeming points, and how many they would like to apply to an order. You will be able to redeem 100% of your points to reduce the dollar amount due at checkout. The more you purchase the more Gold Points you are awarded and the more you will save on future orders.

Additional ways of getting points

* 50,000 points ($5 value!) for creating an account.
* 5,000 points for a signing up for a newsletter.
* 10,000 points ($1 value!) for writing a product review (limit 3 reviews per month per customer).
* 50,000 points ($5 value!) for reaching a $500 revenue
* 100,000 points ($10 value!) for reaching a $1,000 revenue
* 500,000 points ($50 value!) for reaching a $5,000 revenue
* 1,000,000 points ($100 value!) for reaching a $10,000 revenue


Due to misuse of  option "send points to a friend" this feature will be no longer availiable. 

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